annual DATACTIVE PhD Colloquium, May 4th

Date: Tomorrow, May 4th 13.30

Location: Oudemanhuispoort 4-6, Amsterdam, room OMHP-E0.12

Tomorrow we will have our yearly PhD colloquium, a moment to showcase our work and receive feedback. You’re invited to join us.

This year’s guests, acting as respondents, are Marlies Glasius (Amsterdam School for Social Science Research) and Annalisa Pellizza (University of Twente). Our new postdoctoral fellow Fabien Cante will be also be in attendance.

The program is as follows:

(13:30 – 14:15) Niels ten Oever: “The evolving notion of the public interest in the Internet architecture”

(14:20 – 15:05) Kersti Wissenbach: “Accounting for Power in a Datafied World: A Social Movement Approach to Civic Tech Activism”

(15:10 – 15:25) Coffee Break

(15:25 – 16:10) Becky Kazansky: “Infrastructures of Anticipation: civil society strategies in an age of ubiquitous surveillance”

(16:15 – 17:00) Guillen Torres: “Empowering information activists through institutional resistance”.