DATACTIVE is an interdisciplinary research collective based at the University of Amsterdam. We investigate grassroots engagement with massive data collection (see our research outline). Our research is funded by the European Research Council
How do we work? 
We experiment with engaged research, an approach to research that, without departing from systematic, evidence-based, social science research, aims to make a difference for groups and individuals beyond the academic community. This approach emerges from our individual engagement over the years with a variety of social movements and non-governmental organizations across the world. It affects, for example, the questions we ask and the ways we engage with groups and individuals. We explicitly privilege a grassroots perspective, and our research often takes sides. It is activism by other means. 
We take the ethics of research very seriously
  • we remove identifying details that might contribute to the vulnerability of persons and projects
  • we provide full anonymity to interviewees on an individual level*
  • we store and share all data that we collect with strong encryption
  • we share and discuss research outputs with interviewees before they are published
  • we strive to write and publish our research in an accessible way
  • we design our protocols in consultation with our Ethics Board 
Would you like to contribute?
Our methods mirror these commitments. When engaging in an interview with us
  • you can use a pseudonym
  • you can ask your own questions to us
  • you are free not to answer questions you are not comfortable with 
  • your data will not be shared with third parties
  • you will receive information about how you data will be used in the research
Our research depends on your participation, and we look forward to exchanging ideas with you. 
* unless otherwise requested by the interviewee