Stefania contributing to ‘Social Impact of Alpha and Gamma Sciences’ (@ScienceWorks)

Thursday, December 7, 2017 – Stefania Milan is one of the speakers at the fourth edition of the annual “Alfa Gamma Valorization Congress”. With the presentation of the National Science Agenda, in which alpha-gamma science plays a key role, the event will renew its impact on society.

During the conference, participants and speakers from science, government and business will discuss Social Challenges for Scientific Research. The conference will focus on how we can optimize synergy between societal issues and alpha / gamma sciences, addressing the following questions:

– How can we successfully shape cooperation between society and science?
– What roles can researchers and their social partners take?
– What is demand management at (inter) national, regional and local level?


About ScienceWorks

ScienceWorks supports the process of value creation out of scientific research for society. Our approach is to draw on the expertise of sector experts and to apply good practices from around the world. Value creation out of scientific research contributes to our economy and society. We help to optimize this process through the correct use of instruments and to support new connections.

The fields we are active in:
Transferring scientific knowledge to society
Improving processes of value creation out of scientific research
Optimizing the regional innovation system
Internationalization of high tech clusters
Ranking and measuring the impact of university knowledge transfer
Analyzing and supporting science based incubators & science parks