Keynote: Stefania on digitalisation and doctoral education at the EUA-CDE conference

June 15, Tallinn,  Stefania Milan will be the keynote speaker at the 10th conference of the European University Association/Council for Doctoral Education (the organisation of universities and national rectors’ conferences in Europe), dedicated to “Digitalisation: A game changer for doctoral education?”.

Her session is entitled ‘Digitalisation of Society, the Role of Universities and its Impact on Doctoral Education and Research’. More specifically, she will reflect on “the role of universities in accompanying society in addressing the challenges of digitalisation and on the more specific issues facing doctoral schools as they seek to integrate digital approaches. How can universities provide doctoral candidates with the digital skills they need to advance their research and their careers?”. For more info see the website of the EUA-CDE.

About the EUA-CDE Annual Meeting

The 10th edition of the EUA-CDE Annual Meeting highlights the impact of digitalisation on the role and practice of doctoral education. Societies in general, and universities in particular are facing a transformation brought by the proliferation of digital technologies. For universities, this requires considering the impact of digitalisation on their different missions and doctoral education has an essential role to play given the crucial role of doctoral candidates and early-stage researchers in ensuring the base for knowledge production in the digital era.

The meeting will highlight different perspectives on the changing role of doctoral education in the context of digitalisation, offering concrete examples across different disciplines to show how doctoral schools are adapting their practices to keep up with digitalisation. Doctoral candidates and early-stage researchers find themselves at the forefront of the digital transformation of research and the skills they acquire will be essential for their future careers, be they in academia or in key positions in other fields. The meeting will also explore how universities can develop policies to support and guide young researchers in their endeavours in a coherent and responsible manner.