Jeroen de Vos at Internet of Things day Rotterdam

Jeroen de Vos will be conducting a workshop at the Internet of Things day in Rotterdam, organized by the university of applied sciences of Rotterdam. In light of the international IoT day. This two-day event is built around the question ‘Wishful world, Wishful thinking?’, and Jeroen will present on day two in the inclusive society block.

Tickets are free but need registration:

Workshop #3 (ENG) | Exploring Radical Inclusiveness

The theme ‘inclusive society’ may evoke a notion of an ideal and democratized social space. However, following the revelations on large scale data-scraping and sociodemographic profiling used by the police force, political parties and commercial parties alike, I would like to expand the notion to ‘radical inclusiveness’. In a world where we are datafied on both a conscious and subconscious level, to what extent is the act of ‘inclusion’ in data gathering practices voluntary and conscious? This workshop will provide some of the tools to shed some light on your own digital sediments, to help shaping the contours of your data shadow. Through the ‘shadow body’ and the ‘filter bubble’, we draw on a set of specific internet tools to look at ourselves through the eyes of Google, question our own filter bubble, and track those who track us.