Interview with Stefania Milan on ‘Communicatie’ (in Dutch)

In a more personal interview in the Dutch Magazine Communicatie (check the online version), Stefania Milan explains her dedication to activism in relation to her academic endeavors. To give a glimpse of the content of the interview, these are the introductory paragraphs, for the full interview in Dutch, click here.

What has changed in activism through social media?

“I’m fascinated by the fact that activists does not always take shape in form of protest. It increasingly implies being present as a witness at the scene of the crime, and tweeting or reporting on Facebook. There is less fights and more individual stories. Older protest movements are used to be a more cohesive group with a strong leader. ”

Is that a good thing?

“It is good that you can start a movement with the internet giving it a more international scope. It is easier for a local malpractice can get worldwide attention. But with the large scale, involvement might be somewhat superficial. Would you put at risk for a stranger or fellow activist who is in prison on the other side of the world?”

Where does your social engagement come from?

“From my parents. They have a certain sensitivity to the people who are affected less. When I was two years old, they took me to the occupation of a chemical plant where working conditions were very poor. I grew up in a protected and white environment, but my gaze was directed outwards. I was aware of inequality and social injustice. ”

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