New logo – new design!

final_colour-2realJust in time for the Contentious Data kick-off workshop on September 15, we are happy to announce that DATACTIVE has a new logo! The design is by Federica Bardelli and Carlo De Gaetano, who explain the concept as follows:

“A word (DATACTIVE) is a data point that can be encrypted, hidden and disguised – both in its shape and meaning. It is also and action of communication, a statement of resistance and awareness.

In reference to the lo-fi printing/photocopy techniques of the 70’s punk fanzines and to the recent rediscovery of that visual language by the new wave of experimental design clusters (see: Metahaven) we scanned the word DATACTIVE as an action of re-appropriation of meaningful data. Moving the printed word on the scanner multiple times generates new shapes, new distortions, meaning the active and evolving nature of both DATACTIVE objects of study and therefore of DATACTIVE itself.”

If you like the design by Federica Bardelli and Carlo De Gaetano, please check out their portfolios here and here.