Stefania @Spui25 The work behind data. A seminar on systems and perspectives


Stefania Milan will be one of the speakers at The work behind data. A seminar on systems and perspectives. 
The event takes place October 10th, 13.00-15.00 @Spui25 (1012WX Amterdam)
Tickets are still available, but need reservation

About this event

Data has become central to many aspects of our society. However, the social and technical work that lies behind data is often overlooked. This seminar will explore the challenges and state of the art in working with data from both these vantage points.

This event consists of talks from research leaders in computer science, social science and scholarly communication. With Luc Moreau we will see new research on data provenance and explanation that react to the social calls for greater transparency in algorithmic decision making based on data. Philippe Cudré-Maroux will argue that since data frequently captures interrelated entitles (e.g. social networks and knowledge graphs), we need new machine learning techniques (e.g. representation learning) that can work effectively with graph data. Stefania Milian will present her research on data epistemologies and the politics of data work. Finally, we will explore the challenges faced in working with data in scholarly practice. This multifaceted and interdisciplinary seminar provides a unique view on data work. Moderator: Paul Groth

For more information, see the Spui25 website.