Stefania & Niels at workshop governance of free expression @St. Petersburg University

Niels ten Oever and Stefania Milan will be at the A workshop on Governance of Free Expression Online organised by the Centre for German and European Studies at the St. Petersburg State University – Bielefeld University. The workshop will be held at the CGES on October 11-12, 2019.

The workshop invites MA and PhD students as well as established scholars to present their research on topics related to conditions and forms of online communications, including but not limited to internet governance and regulation, online censorship, algorithms, and platforms. Aiming to address this gap, workshop speakers and participants will reflect on the following questions (but not limited to them):

  1. what theories and methods can be employed to study mechanisms that govern online
  2. which theoretical and methodological difficulties have to be addressed by researchers?
  3. how institutions represent and construct free expression and censorship online?
  4. what socio-technical configurations enable or stifle free expression on the internet?

Full description of the workshop here,

More information on this event here