XRDS Summer 2018 issue is out -with contributions from DATACTIVE

The last issue of XRDS – The ACM Magazine for Students is out. The issue has been co-edited by our research associate Vasilis Ververis and features contributions by three of us: Stefania Milan, Niels ten Oever, Davide Beraldo, and Vasilis himself.

  1. Stefania’s piece ‘Autonomous infrastructure for a suckless internet’ explores the role of politically motivated techies in rethinking a human rights respecting internet.
  2. Niels and Davide, in their ‘Routes to rights’, discuss the problems of ossification and commercialization of internet architecture.
  3. Vasilis, together with Gunnar Wolf (also editor of the issue), has written on ‘Pseudonimity and anonymity as tools for regaining privacy’.

XRDS (Crossroads) is the quarterly magazine of the Association for Computing Machinery. You can reach the full issue here.