Miren Gutiérrez will be our in-house visiting scholar in October and November

Miren Gutierrez will be in Amsterdam on October 3-14 and November 6-18. She hopes to engage with the Datactive team in exploring new research venues and opportunities, and to participate in the events, conferences and activities in which the team is involved.

About Miren
Miren is a Research Associate at Datactive. She is also a professor of Communication, director of the postgraduate programme “Data analysis, research and communication”, and member of the research team of the Communication Department at the University of Deusto, Spain. Miren’s main interest is proactive data activism, or how the data infrastructure can be utilized for social change in areas such as development, climate change and the environment. She is a Research Associate at the Overseas Development Institute of London, where she leads and participates in data-based projects exploring the intersection between biodiversity loss, environmental crime and development.

She holds a PhD in Communication Sciences. Her dissertation “Bit and Atoms: Proactive data activism and social change from a critical theory perspective” explores the relationship between people, data and technologies.