DATACTIVE at the ECPR conference, Oslo

Davide, Kersti and Stefania are attending the annual conference of the European Consortium for Political Research in Oslo (September 6-9), reconnecting with their political and social science souls.

The three of them will take part in the panel exploring “the next stage of digital activism. Reviewing Practices and Concepts in the Era of Datafication”, organized by Stefania. Davide will present an excerpt of his PhD thesis, entitled “Contentious Branding. Occupy and Anonymous between the Connective and Collective”. Kersti will present two papers, “Governance from the Grassroots: Digital Activism for Government Accountability” and “Accounting for Power in the Big Data Era: The Meaning of Collectivity in Datafied Societies”. Stefania, too, will present two papers, a snapshot from her work “Towards a Socio-Technical Theory of Political Agency in Datafied Societies” and “Political Agency, Digital Traces and Bottom-up Data Practices”, soon to appear in the International Journal of Communication.