Niels ten Oever has designed and implemented freedom of expression projects in the Horn of Africa, the Middle East and Northern Africa, Brazil and Afghanistan and worked on global internet governance issues in ICANN and the IETF. Niels started off working on radio when he got bitten by the Linux bug. After that he increasingly worked on websites, apps, internet governance, digital rights and digital security.

Why? Because technology can support democratic processes by improving freedom of expression, access to information and organizing. Peer-to-peer is far more interesting than one-to-many.

Niels is a free and open source software enthusiast who has trained journalists, activists and human rights defenders in reporting, digital security, and media production. Niels holds a cum laude research MA in philosophy from the University of Amsterdam where he is currently also is a PhD candidate where researches the topic of data activism.

Niels furthermore promises that this was the last time he wrote about himself in the third person.

Keywords: Digital security, human rights, organizing, rethinking journalism, freedom of expression, access to information

Twitter: @conflictmedia