For general inquiries:
info [at] data-activism [dot] net

Specific questions can be directed to:
Stefania Milan, Principal Investigator
s [dot] milan [at] uva [dot] nl | @annliffey
Follow the project on Twitter: @data_ctive

Feel free to drop an (encrypted) line to anyone of the DATACTIVE team:

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The email addresses support PGP encryption, find the public keys attached below:

Davide Beraldo

Fingerprint: 62E7 AAD5 10A1 A404 ACF3 E74A 604C 38F7 1835 1570

Becky Kazansky

Fingerprint: 5433 BB6A 3C75 89EF 663F 170C AE03 BB6F 38E1 2458

Stefania Milan

Fingerprint: 4BD9 1952 DC6F 3983 C2E1 40A9 FF31 1DFE 79FC 7E8F

Niels ten Oever

Fingerprint: 2458 0B70 5C4A FD8A 9488 643A 0ED8 3F3A 468A C8B3

Guillén Torres

Fingerprint: 0AC0 DF34 1475 1C69 F7B1 837F DDD1 2525 07C1 D1FF

Lonneke van der Velden

Fingerprint: F5D0 5660 7919 C46A BFD8 2B79 54B8 798F 27DF 49D2

Jeroen de Vos

Fingerprint: A0D8 5172 8C2E 1D3E 6CEE 9C19 E3D5 95FD 9A52 B7DA

Kersti Wissenbach

Fingerprint: CDF2 A541 1B5E 5191 F21E 2B2A F1C7 4081 45FA FF48