Antonio to present the outcomes of his internship on May 31st

On May 31st Antonio Martella, who has been a visiting scholar with DATACTIVE for the period March-May 2017, presents the outcome of his research project on ‘Big data and activism’, with presents an overview of progressively-minded projects, teams and tools using big data for research purposes.

Antonio is a PhD student at the Political Science Department of the University of Pisa. His research project is focused on political leaders, populism and social media. He graduated in Business communication and human resource policy and has a postgraduate master in “Big Data Analytics & Social Mining” by the University of Pisa along with the CNR of Pisa. His last publication, an article co-authored with Bracciale entitled “Define the populist political communication style: the case of Italian political leaders on Twitter” has recently appeared on Information, Communication & Society. He joined DATACTIVE thanks to a Erasmus + grant.