Visiting scholar Dağhan Irak

For the second week of January, we have Dağhan Irak visiting us. He is here to acquire methodological knowledge on the use of data activism in new social movements around the world and share his own findings during his research on the issue. Moreover, he is currently advancing the paper titled: ““Can you spot a party-state on Twitter?” An exploratory study on Turkey’s AKP and its state apparatuses”.

Dağhan Irak is affiliated with the University of Strasbourg. After having received his undergraduate degree in journalism, and Master’s degree in history, he worked as a journalist and a political social media analyst. He has currently been conducting a doctoral research on the online politicisation of football fans in Istanbul, using DMI-TCAT for data collection and Social Network Analysis. Irak has also published indexed articles and book chapters on the use of SNA to detect political polarisation and media concentration. His research interests are digital sociology, sociopolitics of media and sociology of sports.